Engaging Horizons First Blog Post

Welcome to Engaging Horizons, LLC, a full service hypnosis center in downtown Manassas, VA.  As this is my first blog post on my new website, let’s get to know each other.

I started this practice in 2011, to take a major step toward my own next horizon, and to provide a needed and valuable service to the Manassas, Centreville, Gainesville, Haymarket, Stafford, Woodbridge and Northern Virginia communities. I know that in my own life, and what I have observed in my friends and family is that we often need someone outside ourselves to help guide us to that next horizon.  In the graphic of the website, if you look in the background, you can see the horizon, but it is obscured.  Notice the rocks in the foreground?   Have you ever felt that there were obstacles or issues in your path to your horizon?  The value that I bring, and the service I provide is to help you navigate past those rocks to the rainbow and the horizon in your future.

What is a full service hypnosis center?  One where you can confidentially address any issues that are holding you back from reaching to your next horizon.  Throughout our life, as we move from one phase into the next, often we find that the behaviors and habits that we’ve learned, no longer serve us for our best good. We want to change, we know we need to change, but sometimes no matter what we do, we find that willpower simply isn’t sufficient to make the change.

I am proud to say that I am a veteran, retired from the Navy Reserve with 28 years of service (1977 – 2005). While on active duty during the first 14 years of that career, I was a P-3 Orion pilot.  I take pride in serving our large veteran community in Northern Virginia.  Active Duty, Reservists, Military Retirees, Veterans and their immediate families are eligible for a 10% discounted rate on all of my services. Simply bring proof of that status to your first visit.

In addition to basic hypnosis, I have trained extensively in Chronic Pain Management,  Advanced Hypnosis,  Neuro-Linguistic Programming,  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) (also known as tapping),  and HUNA.   The benefit to you is that I’m not limited to a single modality to help you reach your goal.  Often, my clients find that a combination of techniques fits them perfectly.

At Engaging Horizons, I use several proven methodologies to guide you to making the changes that you feel are most beneficial to achieving the success, and the inner peace that you want and need. If you know that something needs to change, that it needs to be now, and it needs to be you;  if you are ready to make the change, email or call me today at 703-772-0652,  to schedule your first appointment.

Fair winds and Following Seas, til we meet again,