• Is hypnosis just like sleeping?

No. Actually, the state of mind in hypnosis is very similar to that of daydreaming.  You are completely aware of everything going on, and you are particularly focused on the thought, image or visualization where I guide you.

  • Will I remain in control?

Yes. While in the state of hypnosis, you are always in control. You could open your eyes, raise from the chair and exit the office. Although since you will have engaged my services to assist your transformation, you would rather follow my instructions to gain the maximum benefit, wouldn’t you?

  •  Will I tell you all of my secrets?

Only if that suits you.  Since you are in control, you will only share those things with which you are comfortable doing so.

  •  Will you make me cluck like a chicken (or bark like a dog) ?

Not normally.  If you’d like me to have you cluck or bark, that will entail an additional fee.

  •  Will I remember what happens during hypnosis?

If you would like to, yes.  There is nothing inherent in the hypnosis process that would cause you to forget what is happening.

  • How can I tell if I’m ready for hypnosis?

Call or email today to schedule your first appointment. During that appointment we will discuss your goals and how to achieve them. Do it now!