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Bill Schneider, CCH
Bill Schneider, CCH



Engaging Horizons, LLC is a Veteran owned,  full service hypnosis center located in Catlett, VA.  Bill Schneider, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, is the owner of Engaging Horizons, LLC and will assist you to reach your goal, whether you have it in sight, or it feels like its just over the next horizon.  Bill is certified as a Consulting Hypnotist, and a member in good standing of the National Guild of Hypnotists, the world’s largest professional organization of hypnotists.  Bill is trained in traditional hypnosis, advanced hypnosis, hypnotherapy, chronic pain management, EFT, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  Bill began learning self hypnosis and meditation in the early 80’s and has practiced and expanded his knowledge since then. Additionally, Bill studies Huna and is a student of Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

 In this practice, Bill listens to your current situation, your goals, helps you to identify the root cause of any obstacles,  challenges or beliefs restricting your success, develops a plan with you, then using hypnosis, EFT, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other techniques and methods,  guides you to more complete understanding, releasing, and eliminating unproductive habits, replacing them with behaviors to help you reach your goals much quicker. Call or email today to schedule your first session.

As a 28 year veteran  (retired Naval Officer) myself, I am honored to serve Active Duty members, Reservists and Veterans and their families. All Active Duty, Reserves, Veterans and their immediate families are eligible for a 10% discount off my normal rates. Please be prepared to present documentation of veteran status to validate the offer.

 TAKE CHARGE of your life, NOW!