Are you ready to quit smoking? for good?

I mean really ready to quit? Are you to the point where you beat yourself up each time you pull out another cigarette? Have you tried to quit and just couldn’t? Have you tried cold turkey, the gum, the patches, and maybe even those drugs with the really nasty side effects, and you still can’t seem to quit?

You are an intelligent person, and you’ve probably figured out that there must be some reason why you haven’t been able to quit.  Maybe you’ve even asked your doctor. Chances are, if you did, he/she offered to prescribe another drug.

Deep down, you know that you don’t want to replace one bad habit with another, or be dependent on some psychedelic drugs to change your behavior. You want to be in charge of the process and your body as you change.

Think back to when you started smoking. where were you, who were you with, who were your friends, what was the reason (or reasons) that you started? Are those reasons that you used as an excuse to start smoking still relevant in your life today? If not, what is/are the reasons that you smoke now?

Do you want to change? Are you ready to change? How badly doe you want to be free of the bonds of smoking?

Make an appointment now. Call or send me an email  NOW to setup the first appointment. I can help you take charge again to have the behavior that you choose to have.

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