What are you afraid of?

Someone asked me awhile ago what I thought was the thing that people were most afraid of.  I guessed the fear of dying, since so many of us fear what we can’t see or feel or those things with which we have no personal experience. But, I was mistaken. Turns out that the #1 fear of Americans is public speaking. Getting up in front of a group of your friends, or coworkers, or maybe even strangers, and telling them a story that you feel is important enough to share. Fear of death is actually 2nd, here is the complete list of the top ten fears as compiled by the National Institute of Mental Health as of July 8, 2014.

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Top Phobias Percent of US Population
1 Fear of public speaking – Glossophobia 74 %
2 Fear of death – Necrophobia 68 %
3 Fear of spiders – Arachnophobia 30.5 %
4 Fear of darkness – Achluophobia, Scotophobia or Myctophobia 11 %
5 Fear of heights – Acrophobia 10 %
6 Fear of people or social situations – Sociophobia 7.9 %
7 Fear of flying – Aerophobia 6.5 %
8 Fear of confined spaces – Claustrophobia 2.5 %
9 Fear of open spaces – Agoraphobia 2.2 %
10 Fear of thunder and lightning – Brontophobia 2 %